from Sampling to Equation Of State
Lecture course on formation fluids
The five-day training course includes the theoretical foundations of studying reservoir fluids with real life examples, as well as practical exercises that will be useful to you in your daily work

from Sampling to Equation Of State

The lecture course takes place in the format of live communication. As soon as you have a question, immediately ask it. Remember an interesting case from practice? We discuss it together and find the truth. It is important for me to see the light in your eyes. This means that you are interested, as well as me ;-)
Theoretical part
During the training, you will learn the intricacies of reservoir fluid sampling, get acquainted with the features of laboratory tests, find out what the purpose of the Slim tube experiment is, and why in some cases the fluid saturation pressure is not equal to the reservoir pressure at the depth of the GOC? What is the difference between flocculation and retrograde condensation, and why is "compressibility" not a synonym for Z-factor?
You will receive an answer to these and many other questions by visiting the course.
Practical part
In the course of the course, you will try to "dress" yourself with the duties of a PVT laboratory specialist, an engineer performing reservoir fluid modeling and a specialist in the reserves calculation department. You will learn new techniques for analyzing reservoir fluid data that will surely lead you to solve various difficult problems. Skills in special software will provide the basis for further professional development.
New acquaintances and communication with professionals
A positive friendly atmosphere of communication always prevails on our course, there are specialists with different life experiences. Any questions that concern you can be discussed with the lecturer and colleagues.
Pavel Guzhikov
Pavel graduated from the Geological Department of Saratov State University in 1995 with a degree in geophysicist engineering. From 1997 to 2010 worked as an engineer and head of the reservoir fluid laboratory (PVT) at the Lower Volga Research Institute of Geology and Geophysics (NVNIIGG). From 2010 to 2019 formation fluid expert at the Tyumen Petroleum Science Center (TNK-BP).
He was engaged in the analysis, justification and modeling of the properties of reservoir fluids, from heavy and volatile oil to near-critical fluids and gas condensates from deposits in Western and Eastern Siberia, Sakhalin Island, deposits from the Orenburg and Saratov regions, the side zone of the Caspian Depression, deposits from Kazakhstan, Venezuela, Iran.
He participated in the development of a database and a module for analyzing the properties of reservoir fluids as a subject expert.
Since 2013, he has been teaching as a lecturer in advanced training for engineers of leading oil and gas companies in the cities of Tyumen, Sochi, Irkutsk (Russia), Nur-Sultan, Atyrau (Kazakhstan), Novy Sad (Serbia).
Likes formation fluids and baking bread ;-)
A wonderful poem by A.S. Pushkin,
incredibly accurate description of the creative process,
invariably accompanying us in the study of reservoir fluids ...
How many blissful revelations
The spirit of enlightment hides!
And then experience born to lapses
And genius antinomy-wise
And chance, the heavenly inventor...
A.S. Pushkin
How it was...
Classes are held in a spacious office, off the Black Sea coast. The velvet climate of September has a beneficial effect on the learning process. Large companies, for the training of their specialists, have the opportunity to invite us to their office.
Лекция в NIS (г. Новий Сад, Сербия)
Специалисты разных компаний (г. Сочи, Россия)
Лекция в Казмунайгаз (г. Нур-Султан, Казахстан)
The course is held at:
354054, Sochi, Kurortny avenue, 92/5
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